Chester Bennington's widow has been blamed for his suicide by ''cruel'' online bullies.

The late Linkin Park front man's wife Talinda Bennington has spoken candidly over his suicide in July 2017, and insisted nobody is to blame for his death.

Discussing mental health at the Canadian Event Safety Summit, she said: ''As much as social media has been a huge support for me, I do every now and then get people blaming me - straight-up blaming me - for him dying, for not saving him, for mistreating him. Who knows why these people behind their devices are saying these horribly cruel things to me? But, you know, it is a little stab in the heart, but what I have to remember is that it's not my fault, it's not my children's fault, it's not the band's faults - it's nobody's fault.''

Although Talinda admitted it was naive, she did explain how she thought her husband - who had been sober for six months - was ''in the clear'' with his demons.

She added: ''My husband had had a past ... in the past, he had attempted suicide, but I thought to myself, 'It was 'cause he was wasted. He was this or thatSo [before] he did pass, I thought very naively, we were in the clear. We had a very, very dear friend, Chris Cornell, take his own life. And I felt that, 'OK, Chester sees what Vicky and [their] kids' - we're godparents to their children - 'what they're going through and this will never happen.'''