Chester Bennington's widow has launched her new mental health campaign on the birthday of her late husband.

The Linkin Park frontman - who tragically took his own life in July 2017 - would have turned 42 on March 20, and his wife Talinda Bennington has taken to social media to urge fans to ''learn the Five Signs of Emotional Suffering''.

She wrote: ''Thank you for your time and attention to this request.

''To honour Chester's birthday, I have decided that 320 Changes Direction will do a call to action via social media. I'm asking you to promise to learn the Five Signs of Emotional Suffering and the Healthy Habits of Emotional Well-being.''

The Campaign to Change Direction refers to the healthy habits of emotional wellbeing (take care, check in, engage, relax and know), the latter of which refers to the signs that someone could need help - personality change, agitated, withdrawal, poor self-care and hopelessness.

Talinda continued: ''I ask that you post a picture of yourself holding up your hand, which symbolizes you know the Five Signs.

''Write, 'I AM THE CHANGE', on your hand and please use #320ChangesDirection. Because we are the CHANGE in our mental health culture. Every one of us is changing it by sharing your thoughts, offering support and by simply being aware that we have our mental health to care for. [sic]''

Talinda revealed earlier this year that she has been blamed for her husband's suicide by ''cruel'' online bullies but explained how Chester's death ''cannot be in vain''.

She said: ''The passing of my husband cannot be in vain.

''His passing was a catalyst for opening up dialogue with respect to emotional and mental health. Throughout his life, he saved countless lives with his music and philanthropy. And through his death, he continues to save lives by spotlighting the urgent need for a change in our mental health culture. It's up to us to change the way we think of mental health, to acknowledge that everyone has their own mental health to care for, and to end stigma and shame when we need to seek help for it. I've included a message that you can copy & paste to your Twitter account and/or any other social media platforms you choose.''