The former supermodel Cheryl Tiegs was the first to face the chop on last night's episode of Celebrity Apprentice 2012 (February 19, 2012). And during the sandwich-selling task, it turns out that it was Tiegs' chopping skills that let her down, as she struggled to slice cheese on an industrial slicer. She was up against fellow supermodel Patricia Valasquez and the mafia princess Victoria Gotti in the bottom three but eventually Donald Trump deduced that Tiegs was the weakest link in the women's team.

Other members of that team include Debbie Gibson, Lisa Lampanelli, Tia Carrere and Aubrey O'Day. The winning team was the men's team, who managed to charm one lunchtime punter into paying $1,000 for his snack. The line-up of the successful competitors consists of the magician Penn Jillette, Star Trek actor George Takei, talk show host Arsenio Hall, Twisted Sister's Dee Snider, the owner of Orange County hoppers, Paul Teutel Sr, American Idol's Clay Aiken, the body builder Lou Ferrigno and the broadcaster Adam Carroll.

According to The Daily Mail, the daughter of John Gotti, the legendary mafia boss was one of the stars of the show and looks likely to provide some entertainment throughout the series, provided she can keep herself from being shown the door. Donald Trump asked the fierce-looking blonde if there was anyone in the boardroom that she was not fond of and she replied "There is one or two people, you will soon see," before telling viewers that she would be keeping an eye on the former pop star Debbie Gibson. The show is being aired by NBC and will run for 15 episodes.