Actress Cheryl Ladd is still sore about missing the chance to be part of the CHARLIE'S ANGELS salute to TV mogul Aaron Spelling at the 2006 Emmy Awards, insisting co-star Kate Jackson cut her from the reunion.
Ladd replaced Farrah Fawcett on the hit show and played her character's sister Kris Munroe for 90 episodes between 1977 and 1981, but she was not invited to be a part of the Emmys tribute to Charlie's Angels creator Spelling.
She tells America's TV Guide magazine she was "hurt" when Jackson, Jaclyn Smith and Fawcett, who only appeared in the first season of the show, took the stage at the ceremony.
Ladd says, "I think Kate made the decision for everybody that this is how it was going to be. I was the outsider."
And the actress admits that although she has always been friends with co-star Smith, she never got close to her TV sister Fawcett, who died last week (25Jun09).
She adds, "She was a little surprised how well the show did after she left, so we both chose to be 100 per cent professional."