Cheryl Cole has been living it up in Las Vegas for her 30th birthday, but she didn't have a totally turbulent free celebration weekend after her old boss Simon Cowell turned the tables on her for calling him old in his own typically ostentatious way.
According to The Sun newspaper, Cowell paid a skywriter to emblazon the words "Cheryl - Congratulations. You're 30 next year! Ha ha ha," among the clouds. The prank was in retaliation to a similar stunt Cole pulled on Cowell's 52nd birthday when she got a plane to fly around the music mogul's house with the message "Simon Cowell is 52 today! Ha ha ha! Love Cheryl."
Nevertheless, the Geordie lass didn't appear to have let the jibe get her down, and had a great weekend in America with her girls Nicola Roberts and Kimberly Walsh as well as manager Will.I.Am - certainly if her Twitter status updates were anything to go by. She wrote "Vegas 3daysnosleeps 1body2minds gohardorgohome wheresmybed." Later on she returned to write "DearVegas you win !! I officially bow down .. It wasn't a knock out i just took a graceful seat ! I came I saw You conquered isaluteyou.." Cole cemented her return to music last month by topping the UK singles chart.