Cheryl Tweedy's best friend Kimberley Walsh thinks she's an ''amazing'' mum.

The 'Promise This' hitmaker and her partner Liam Payne welcomed son Bear into the world six months ago and her former Girls Aloud bandmate Kimberley - who has three-year-old Bobby and 10-month-old Cole with husband Justin Scott - loves meeting with her for play dates and a chance to catch up.

Speaking to the new issue of Closer magazine, Kimberley gushed: ''Cheryl is an amazing mum, as I knew she would be. I see her all the time and the boys are always together - Cole is pretty much trampling all over Bear at the moment though so I have to hold him back because he's crawling and Bear's not at that stage. It's so lovely we're going through it together.''

Another of the 35-year-old star's Girls Aloud bandmates, Sarah Harding, recently won 'Celebrity Big Brother', and though Kimberley didn't watch her on the reality TV show, she's happy the blonde beauty found love in the famous house with American hunk Chad Johnson.

She said: ''Chad seemed nice. I really wish her well and want her to be happy, so if he's making her happy, that's great.''

Kimberley and her husband Justin got married in 2016 but have been together for almost 16 years and she believes the key to their long lasting relationship is to give one another space.

She said: ''Justin and I are really solid - after 15 years you just completely get each other and basically know how to keep each other happy. We give each other freedom and don't smother each other.

''We have two kids now, so we make sure we give each other time to go out and see our friends - he'll have golf days and I'll go out with my mates, or to the spa. I'm due a spa weekend soon as he's stacked up a few golf days!''