Police are investigating claims singer Cheryl Cole was the target of a rape threat, according to a U.K. report.
British TV presenter Dermot O'Leary, who stars alongside the Girls Aloud beauty on Simon Cowell's talent show The X Factor, alerted cops to a voice message on his phone aimed at Cole.
In the message the caller allegedly made vile threats about the 26 year old, reports Britain's The Sun.
A source tells the publication, "The message was of a sexual, threatening and sickening nature. Dermot was horrified when he heard it. He thought at first it was a sick wind-up (practical joke), but soon realised there was something sinister going on.
"Somehow this caller has tried to get hold of her number and somehow accidentally got Dermot's. If they were prepared to go to that effort, who knows what they would be prepared to do?"
Cole is reportedly aware of the message, but the singer's spokesperson reveals she has not listened to it.
A police representative said, "We are investigating claims of an offensive message being left on a mobile telephone. It follows a complaint from a member of the public."