British singer Cheryl Cole was delighted when she had an operation on her feet two years ago (07) - because it meant she could wear high-heeled shoes after a lifetime of donning dowdy flats.
The Girls Aloud star practised ballet as a youngster, but the hobby made it too painful to totter around in towering stilettos - so she was forced to wear comfortable sneakers or workmen's boots.
Now the glamorous singer has revealed she had surgery in 2007 to cure the agonising condition - and she was delighted she could finally slip into a pair of sexy stilettos afterwards.
She tells U.K.'s Vogue magazine, "Nothing else makes you feel so confident, so sexy, or so in control as a pair of high heels... I came to heels even later in life than most women. As a child, I was a keen ballerina but was put 'en pointe' too young, which meant that wearing high shoes was agonisingly painful. Not being able to wear them probably dictated my teenage style, which became very 'tomboy' - I was all Timberland boots and hi-tops (sneakers) - but two years ago, I had foot surgery and could finally wear them. They were a revelation."