Cheryl Tweedy refused to sleep in Liam Payne's bedroom after being told it was haunted.

The couple spent some time at the 'Strip That Down' singer's Los Angeles mansion while she was pregnant with their son Bear, now seven months, but the 'Promise This' hitmaker was left freaked out when a ''random woman'' warned her mother Joan about a spooky presence in the property.

Liam said: ''We've got a really lovely place and when Cheryl was pregnant we were out there in LA, but we've got a ghost in our top bedroom.

''Her mum went out somewhere with my housekeeper and this woman came up to them and went, 'You've got a ghost in your house'.

''She said, 'It's a man. He wears an army shirt and cargo pants', which is what the guy used to go around in -- and this woman was just some random woman off the street.

''She described this man to them -- it's the guy who filmed the 'Jurassic Park' helicopter shots, he's the ghost in my house. He's called Alan. It's ridiculous.

''I've never seen him but I knew these lights were coming on at three o'clock in the morning in this house

''Cheryl wouldn't stay in the top room, being pregnant with the baby.''

But Liam didn't think the place his girlfriend opted to sleep was much less scary than his bedroom.

He added: ''Cheryl was like, 'I'm not sleeping upstairs'. So we slept downstairs in the cinema room. First World problems.

''For a week, we were sleeping in the cinema room and I was playing PS4 while she was asleep next to me.

''I was playing zombie games so it didn't really matter where the ghosts were -- they were on the telly, they were upstairs . . .  they were everywhere.''

While the 24-year-old singer hasn't seen the ghost himself, there have been some ''creepy'' happenings in the property, which he put up for rent in April.

He explained to The Sun newspaper: ''I've seen lights go on and off in the middle of the night and a few little creepy things, like taps turning on and off.

''If you don't believe in it, I don't think it can get to you.''