Cheryl Tweedy's son once tickled a stranger's feet onboard a long-haul flight.

The 'Love Made Me Do It' hitmaker loves how mischievous two-year-old Bear, whom she has with her ex-partner Liam Payne, is and was in hysterics when the toddler ran his nails down an old man's foot while jetting across to the US.

Speaking to the MailOnline, the 35-year-old singer said when asked if she took Bear with her to the States to film her new music video: ''Yes, there's no way I'm leaving him, not when I'm flying across half the world. He loves it, loves it, obviously we always tell him 'aeroplane' from the ground, then he was in one, so it was blowing his tiny mind. He was like: ''How am I actually in one? The noise of a plane is quite soothing, I was really fortunate. Everyone has been like: ''How was it travelling? and I was like fine...!'''

''Actually, one thing he did, there was an elder man across the way from us with his legs up like that and he had a pair of those you know flight socks and then at the bottom there was a cut out hole, to get air ventilation.

''I was walking him [Bear] up and down the aeroplane and he started tickling his feet like that, thankfully he [the passenger] laughed and found it funny, in the end.

''When you first walk on, you can see everyone around you like: 'Oh great, here we go, there's a child...' he was actually making everyone laugh.

''At the end I was like: 'Yes, this is my child and he tickles your feet!' The man was loving it really - he was laughing his head off!''

But tickling people isn't the only sweet thing Bear does as Cheryl thinks he does ''cute things every day'' at the moment because he's at that age.

She explained: ''It's a really cute age, he's just starting to put things together now, he'll look at his dummy and go ''purple''... and it's purple. I swear to you, every little thing that they do, you're like: 'You are incredible!'

''He screams his cousin's name but he does so many cute things every day, I'm trying to think, he plays on his little drum kit which is really cute. Honest to God, he does things every day which are really cute.

''It's moments and expressions on his face, he says the dog's name over and over, he's just a bundle of cuteness. It is adorable. It's innocence and so pure...''