Cheryl Tweedy says coconut oil is ''everything'' to her.

The 'Love Made Me Do It' hitmaker uses the go-to product for everything from hair care, as a moisturiser for her skin and even when she's in the bath.

She said: ''My beauty routine has become so pared back since becoming a mum, you just don't have time for it. Your time becomes so reduced that you definitely have to start getting rid of beauty hacks, they just become non-existent. That's probably why coconut oil is everything to me. I use it everywhere, literally, hair to toes, on my body, in the bath, I eat it, everything!''

And the 35-year-old singer - who has 20-month-old son Bear with her ex-partner Liam Payne - has issued advice to other mothers and says sleep is crucial.

She added to Glamour magazine: ''Sleep when the baby sleeps! I used to do that for the first couple of months - just nap with him. I also used to try and keep on top of the steriliser and all that as much as possible so it didn't build up because then that's painful. Also, get your husband to cook!''

Meanwhile, Cheryl previously insisted she is a ''different'' person since becoming a mother and it has changed her for the better.

She explained: ''Being a teenager is disgusting. I'd never want to be in my 20s again. My life since the baby, and my life prior to the baby ... they're two different people, in the best possible way.''