Cheryl Cole has been working out up to six times a week in a bid to get her ideal figure.

The 'Promise This' singer is keen to look her absolute best when she releases her third solo album later this year so enlisted the help of renowned fitness guru Tracy Anderson to get her into shape.

Tracy said: ''She's petite like me and has a killer body but the trouble with being tiny is weight shows up very easily. Since then, she's been training for 60-90 minutes four to six times a week. She's just like Gwyneth Paltrow - she works very hard and is a total doll to work with - she's incredibly down to earth.''

Tracy - whose A-list clientele includes Gwyneth, Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham - said Cheryl was wary about her legs getting too bulky if she did too much exercise.

She told Britain's Grazia magazine: ''She wanted thinner thighs but she was worried exercise would make them bulkier. Instead of working the main leg muscles, I worked The Tiny ones around Cheryl's thighs. This pulls the big leg muscles in and makes her thighs look slimmer.

''She looked amazing in those tiny shorts.''