Cheryl Cole says eating chocolate biscuits was the best thing about recording her new album.

The 'Promise This' singer loved being back in the studio working on 'Messy Little Raindrops' because the standard of the sweet snacks was so high.

Quizzed on her memories of recording the record, she said: "Eating a lot of chocolate biscuits stands out for me. There were always really nice, just made biscuits at the studio, and sometimes you get hot cookies. They're really nice - Hot Chocolate and hot cookies it doesn't get much better."

The slender star also revealed she regularly gets sent her favourite sweet treats by her fans, who she has given a special nickname.

She explained in a video interview posted on YouTube: "Cheryl's little soldiers that's what I've named my fans. It's a good name.

"I get so many Curly Wurly bars and chocolate HobNob biscuits from the fans it's amazing. The best bit about a Curly Wurly is all of it! You just have to eat it all. I couldn't separate it."

The 'Fight for This Love' hitmaker - who has repeatedly been linked with a role on the judging panel of the US 'x factor' when it launches next year - also spoke of her dream to crack America, but admitted she currently has no formal deals set in place.

Cheryl - who is currently a judge on the UK version of the show - added: "I haven't got anything in place yet to go out to the US. It takes a lot of time to plan but it's something that I'd like to do definitely. I get a lot of fan mail from America which is pretty amazing. It's an amazing feeling."