Cheryl Cole is terrified some of her most intimate secrets will be revealed after thieves stole love letters she wrote to her soon-to-be ex-husband.

The 'Fight for This Love' singer used to pen love notes to her former beau, England soccer player Ashley Cole, and is devastated they were taken after Ashley's south London apartment was broken into.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: "Cheryl's written lots of stuff to Ashley over time, while she was touring with Girls Aloud and on the other side of the world with work commitments.

"Their paths didn't cross as much as they would have liked so they tried their best to be romantic in other ways. Notes, little poems and letters were a big form of Cheryl's communication and this could all be published soon.

"There are lots of secrets that no one knows a thing about."

Cheryl recently spoke out about the breakdown of her four-year marriage to Ashley, saying she felt "betrayed" by the 29-year-old sportsman after he reportedly cheated on her with a string of Women.

Asked if she felt betrayed, the 27-year-old pop beauty said: "Yes, definitely I do. But I've got to take everything that's happened and learn from it. I accept that that's a chapter of my life that's finished.

"I've just got to be grateful that I've got so many good things going on. I have. And there's no children, you know?

"Some people's lives fall apart, are turned upside down. Of course it's heartbreaking, but it's not anything remotely like it could have been and I'm very, very thankful for that."

Cheryl's divorce from Ashley is set to be finalised within the next six weeks after the couple were recently granted a decree nisi.