Cheryl Cole is taking teabags with her to the US while she works on 'The X Factor'.

The British singer - who was announced as a judge on the musical talent show alongside Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid yesterday (05.05.11) - will miss home while she is in the US on the programme, but is taking some of her favourite comforts with her.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I'm a really homely person and I miss home even when I'm only away for a few days.

"But I'm only working there so I'll be back as much as I'll be away. I just need to take some home comforts like teabags and Hot Chocolate and I'll be fine."

The 27-year-old star is also set to drop her surname and be known as Cheryl and although some had been concerned at her strong accent - as she hails from the North East of England - she believes it will be a strength.

She told The Sun newspaper: "So far I have only ever been complimented on my accent. Americans are always really sweet about my accent and seem to find it intriguing, which I think is quite funny.

"It's going be very different for me from our British version just because America is so huge and the age range on X Factor is going to open it up to age 12 to age 80.

"But talent is talent no matter where in the world you're from.

"That's one of the special things about it. Talent doesn't have a class or an accent or a country, it's a gift - and I love finding that in people."

Following the announcement that Cheryl is joining 'The X Factor' panel In America, it has now been confirmed she will no longer be part of the British version of the show.