Big news for anyone desperate to know what's been happening in Cheryl Cole 's private life! According the The Sun, the former Girls Aloud star is going to "open up" to Jonathan Ross about her personal life. Wossy always has a way of getting his guests to divulge the information that the audience really want to hear so heaven only knows what Cheryl's going to reveal on the show, which will be broadcast on September 8, 2012.
Since she split up with footballer Ashley Cole, Cheryl's kept her private life pretty much under wraps but we do know that she's now dating the dance Tre Holloway, so maybe she's got some juicy gossip about her new relationship to share. Or maybe the former X factor judge simply wants to clear up all the confusion over whether or not she can actually sing, following some ropey live TV performances on the Graham Norton show and the Jubilee celebrations. Itv bosses are apparently "delighted" to have got her on the show so she had better have something interesting to share with us. She's also scheduled to perform her new single 'Under the Sun' and Cheryl seems to be damned if she does sing and damned if she doesn't so we'll be tuning in especially to see if that microphone's switched on.
Joining her on Ross' sofa will be Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, the double-Olympic gold medallist Mo Farah, choir leader Gareth Malone and the model Rosie Huntington Whiteley. Plan B will also be performing his latest release, and will be chatting to Ross, as well.