Cheryl Cole wants her friends to ''go all-out'' for her birthday.

The former 'X Factor' star turns 30 at the end of the month and while she admitted she is ''too fortunate'' to ask for much, she is hoping for something ''nice'' for the milestone age.

She said: ''I feel too fortunately to wish for anything. Honestly. I just hope my friends get me a few nice presents.

''I never ask for Christmas or birthday gifts, but I'm turning 30 and this time they can go all-out.''

The 'Call My Name' singer revealed she already has her sights set on some ''gorgeous Valentino shoes'' and insisted her friends needn't worry about spending too much - because it's another decade until the next big occasion.

She told the Sunday Mirror newspaper's Notebook magazine: ''I've seen some gorgeous Valentino shoes that I'd love. And some lovely make-up bags ... Perhaps more Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen.

''Anything way up there. They don't have to worry it's too flashy. Because the next one isn't going to be until my 40th and they'll have 10 years to save up.''