Cheryl Cole would love to take on Justin Timberlake in a dance off.

The 'Call my Name' singer says if she was stuck on a desert island with three other people, she would want to take the 'Sexyback' hitmaker with her so she could check out his dancing skills.

In a live chat with, Cheryl said: ''I would take Justin Timberlake maybe to have a dance off. And Angelina Jolie for some girly advice, how she gets her lips to look like that, and all that jazz.

''And my friend Lily, because things doesn't run very smoothly in my life without her.''

Cheryl also discussed how she recorded 50 tracks for her new album, 'A Million Lights', including a rap, and how hard it was to choose between them for the final version of the album.

She added: ''It was a whole song of rapping, a full on rap, [manager] actually has he song still.

''It was fun and I loved doing it and it felt new, fun and exciting, but when I knew the context of the album, it didn't work.

''It was hard to whittle down all the songs and pick the main album, I was like 'I need to put some more songs on, we need to do a 'Soldiers' edition of the album.'''

Cheryl also said she loves getting caramel wafer biscuits from her fans and that she was really looking forward to her first headlining show in Newcastle on her headlining tour later this year.

'A Million Lights' is out now.