Cheryl Cole wants to stop smoking because she fears it is damaging her voice.

The 28-year-old '3 Words' singer wants to follow in the footsteps of Adele and ditch the habit for the sake of her career.

It will be the third time the former 'x factor' judge has tried to quit, and reportedly follows a lecture from her management.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ''Cheryl's tried giving up before but it was never that serious.

''This time around the pressure is really on - because her singing voice is her job.

''It's probably the worst time to be quitting too, with all the stress of bringing out a new album.''

Cheryl was also ordered to stop in early 2011, just before her short-lived stint on the US 'X Factor' - but failed due to the stress of moving to Los Angeles and her subsequent axing from the show.

The Girls Aloud star admits that while she knows the vice is damaging, she enjoys doing it.

She said: ''I miss smoking when I stop. It's not cool to say so, but I do.''