Cheryl Cole always takes her slippers on nights out.

The 'Parachute' hitmaker is happy to wear uncomfortable high-heeled shoes because she secretly keeps her comfiest footwear to change into as soon as she leaves an event.

She told InStyle magazine: "I adore Charlotte Olympia shoes. The heel is so high, but you have to suffer for your art. They're sitting down shoes.

"I love how lots of girls swap flats for heels when they get to work.

"I've just discovered a lot of them carry fold-up ballet pumps. I usually put my big fluffy slippers in my car to change into after an event. But I'd look much cooler in those ballet shoes!"

Cheryl has previously admitted she carries a large handbag to cram as much as possible into - including spare shoes.

She said: "People often say, 'What on earth do you have a handbag that size for?' but you'd be surprised what you can fit in it. I get a whole make-up bag in there, serum, some face wipes and, if I'm travelling, I've been known to stuff a pair of shoes in too - I'm not joking!"