Cheryl Cole appears to have hit back at her former 'x factor' protege Cher Lloyd in a twitter rant.

Cher recently seemed to take a dig at the Girls Aloud singer by saying she would only perform with her if she sang live, and the 'Promise This' hitmaker has now taken to her twitter account to post a cryptic message.

She wrote: "Be Careful who you kick on your way up...They kick you twice as hard on your way back down.

"Unappreciation is ugly. (sic)"

The message comes after Cher was asked on Real Radio North West's Real Breakfast Show earlier this week whether she would consider singing live with Cheryl - and the 'Swagger Jagger' hitmaker replied: "Maybe, if she'd sing live with me."

But when she was asked if she was talking about autotune, she said: "What, oh no? Never, never ever!"

In response to a suggestion she was posing a challenge to Cheryl, she added: "Well it always is nowadays, when you ain't got the nifty little buttons to press."