Cheryl Cole's former bodyguard claims she owes him $113,000.

The 'Promise This' hitmaker hired Craig Balkam for three months when she moved to the US to work on 'The X Factor' but the burly American claims he hasn't been paid for any of his time.

And Craig's claims come shortly after it was revealed Cheryl is suing 'X Factor' bosses over her sacking from the show - with her lawsuit including a request for ''reimbursement'' for the cost of her personal security.

Craig, 43, is said to have told a friend: ''She's got a lot of nerve -- she's ignored all my requests for payment. She has around $45 million in the bank and could pay me tomorrow with a click of her fingers, but is refusing to.''

His pal added to The Sun newspaper: ''Craig would have taken a bullet for that girl. He can't believe what's happened.''

Craig is believed to be consulting a lawyer over the possibility of taking legal action against the 29-year-old beauty.

In her legal application last week, Cheryl - who was axed from the show just days into the first auditions last year - said she signed a 'Pay or Play' contract with production company Blue Orbit, who run the show, in April 2011 and was assured that she would receive $2 million for the second season of the show - even if she wasn't to appear on the judging panel again.

Cheryl also states in her 11-page lawsuit that she is owed further expenses, such as a $100,000 wardrobe allowance, a stylist at $25,000 and $15,000-per-month for every hotel she stayed at in Los Angeles, California, during the filming of the show.