Cheryl Cole has revealed her embarrassment at having addressed Prince Charles by his first name rather than his title that was specified in etiquette lessons.
The 'Call My Name' hit maker knows the Prince of Wales from her humanitarian work for The Prince's Trust with which she launched her own charity The Cheryl Cole Foundation which aims to help underprivileged and disadvantaged young people in the North East. She told Grazia magazine about the awkward faux pas: "The first time I had tea with him at Clarence House, I had an etiquette lesson on how to address him. But I forgot to say Prince and just called him Charles, which was embarrassing and someone started coughing at my mistake behind me to correct me.' Luckily for her, Charles didn't seem to mind. 'He couldn't stop laughing", she said.
Part of her charity's work involves helping young people combat bullying, an experience with which she is all too familiar with. "I get what these kids have gone through because I had a tough upbringing and I understand what it feels like to get bullied like some of them,'" she explained, adding, "In the last few years, I've been bullied on Facebook and Twitter. It's evil and very public. People judge my appearance and hair, and say that I look fat". She expressed her desire to help young people pull through and 'come out on the other side and be someone who achieves' like Cheryl herself.