Cheryl Cole refuses to take any more "s**t" in her life.

The 'Promise This' singer - who, last year, divorced soccer player Ashley Cole after rumours he had cheated on her and battled the potentially-fatal disease malaria - admits she has found the last 12 months very tough and is now only looking out for herself.

She said: "I am not taking this s**t any more. I've been through too much. I've been pushed to my absolute limits on every single aspect of my life. And you know what? I'm just not having it!"

In a bid to take more control over her happiness, Cheryl - who is now believed to be dating dancer Derek Hough - is determined to have closure from her divorce and move on with her life.

She told Britain's Elle magazine: "Everything happens for a reason, I really do think so. The reasons will come to me in time. There are people who literally have nothing left when they go through divorce. I've still got hope. I haven't got children to worry about or other lives that I'm messing with. Everything I'm dealing with is very much about myself. My own demons; my own feelings.

"People who have been in my situation tell me that it's taken them a long time; it's been a long struggle and by no means are they over it - but they know why it happened. I can't wait to get to that point. I'm sure there are reasons. I don't know what they are yet, but I've got to believe it. I've got to! The one thing I would love is to just feel settled one day."