Cheryl Cole rapped on a track with but it never made the final cut of her album.

The former 'x factor' judge, who is currently at No.1 in the UK Top 40 with 'Call My Name', said she recorded an entire song in the style however is does not feature on 'A Million Lights'.

She told '' still has the song, so if you want to hear it you need to ask him.''

She joked: ''I think I inspire him. I think you'll find on his next record I inspire him with my rap masterpiece.''

Cheryl also revealed that Katherine Kelly, who used to play Becky McDonald in 'Coronation Street' came to see her at a live show.

She admitted: ''I met Becky from Corrie. It was mutual love. I think I called her Becky which is so cheesy. Her real name is Katherine.''

She recently confessed she would love a cameo role in the British soap opera.

She apparently told The People: ''I'm here for the music but if I could do a cameo in any show it would be Coronation Street.''