Cheryl Cole, who was recently injured in a car crash, has revealed that she was on her way to MCDonalds for a meal after a lengthy recording session, MTV reports.
These kind of accidents normally occur after a glamorous night out at some of the hottest, coolest clubs in town, not staying late at work and satisfying a hankering for a happy meal. But that's exactly what happened in the case of Cole and Will.I.AM. "Both Cheryl and Will.I.Am were desperate for some food after working all day in the studio. They only intended to nip out for a quick bite - but ended up staying up for most of the night," a source close to the pair explained. The Girls Aloud star isn't taking the accident too seriously, and joked: "I ended up having an Unhappy Meal instead". Her friends are also getting in on the MCPuns, "She had a Big Smack and Fries," one whimsical acquaintance joked.
The car-crash, whilst not causing any serious injuries, came as quite a shock to the singer's family and friends. "She is OK but still shaken about what happened. She has seen the pictures in The Sun and can't believe how much blood there was. Everyone is just thankful she and Will are all right," a friend of her's explained to British newspapers. "Cheryl is home to see friends and family after what was a nasty experience abroad. Her mum's been on the phone and wants to come and see her as soon as she can."