Malaria survivor Cheryl Cole has voiced a heartbreaking film to raise money for impoverished third world children fighting the deadly disease.

The British pop star had a terrifying brush with death in June 2010 when she was diagnosed with malaria, which she contracted on holiday in Tanzania.

Cole's organs shut down and she was admitted to the intensive care unit at a London hospital, but she has since made a full recovery and is now doing her part to help those in Africa battling malaria.

In a U.K. telecast, the singer narrates emotional footage of a little boy who died of the killer mosquito-borne disease, despite his parents' efforts to save him.

Cole says, "Paul is just 12 months old. By the time his parents got him to the hospital, it was too late. These are their final moments together. His bloodstream has been taken over by the poison of malaria. He's slipping into a coma, from which he will never wake. In Africa, a million children die from malaria evey year. No parent should have to suffer the pain of burying their child."

Comic Relief's Big Chat with Graham Norton, which aired in the U.K. on Thursday (07Mar13), also featured appearances by actors Warwick Davis, Matt Lucas and Martin Freeman, and performances by Paloma Faith and Example.