Cheryl Cole says marriage is a ''Bond for a life''.

The 'Call My Name' singer - who divorced ex-husband Ashley Cole in 2010 amid claims he cheated on her with a string of women - still believes in the institution of marriage and thinks everyone should be entitled to enter it regardless of their sexuality.

Speaking about the UK government's plans to to legalise same-sex marriage, Cheryl told Gaydar Radio: ''Marriage is far more than a man and a woman, you know. It's a bond for life and whether you're gay or straight or whatever, it makes no difference to being married. What marriage stands for is that you love that person.

''You want to commit yourself to that person forever. All the rights that a marriage gives you, why should the fact that you are attracted to the same sex make that any different? It makes no sense to me. The same relationship, the same beliefs ... It's crazy. I don't understand why it's even a big deal!''

Despite her own marriage break-up, Cheryl, 28, has made no secret of the fact she would like to wed again and recently revealed she dreamt she had tied the knot with Prince Harry.

Cheryl - who works alongside Harry's father Prince Charles for his charity The Prince's Trust - said: ''I love Prince Harry. Actually, I had a dream last night I married Prince Harry and was a real-life princess. It's true. And Charles was my father-in-law instead of my charity partner!''