Cheryl Cole has added a pair of slippers to her StylistPick shoe line.

The Girls Aloud singer - whose eight-piece collection went on sale on the website three weeks ago - has introduced the new Cosie Toes slippers to the current range of heels and boots.

Made from sheepskin sourced in Somerset, South-West England, the comfortable footwear - which retails at a price of £80 - comes in a tan shade and is adorned in ribbons.

Cheryl said of the new introduction to the collection: "I think people were expecting just a handful of heels made in different ways, but that's not what I'm about.

"I wanted each girl to have something she could relate to, whatever she does, or however she feels. We're all different, we all have different jobs. I feel that there is something for everyone."

The 28-year-old beauty has previously admitted she always carries a pair of slippers in her car as a "back up" in case her skyscraper heels start to pinch her feet.

Cheryl recently explained: "I go out in huge heels but I always have to carry a bag with me, a big old Mary Poppins handbag with flatties in them

"In my car I have a pair of slippers that I put on for driving. When you put them on after wearing heels for hours it's the most blissful feeling. On Christmas Day I'll be wearing them from the moment I get up."