Cheryl Cole fans were left stunned this week after pictures emerged of the singer jumping into the arms of ex-husband Ashley Cole on a busy London high street. However, although a reunion appears to be on the cards, the images were exposed as the work of celebrity photographer Alison Jackson - who specialises in lookalikes.
Jackson's 'impressions' for Heat Magazine featured two actors pretending to be Cheryl and Ashley. The first featured the Girls Aloud star leaping into the arms of the Chelsea footballer and gazing into his eyes, while the second captured the 'couple' holding hands while sharing a bottle of wine in a restaurant. Despite the lookalike shots, the real Cheryl and Ashley are said to be on the verge of rescuing their relationship following their well-publicised split last year. After attending her 28th birthday party in London on Friday (1st July 2011) Ashley is said to have big plans for his reunion with Cheryl. A source told the Sun newspaper, "He is convinced Cheryl will agree to marry him and wants the biggest diamond he can get.She's desperate to start a family but he knows she'll want to do it as a married woman".
If Cheryl Cole does agree to marry again, it would be the third engagement ring she has received from Ashley. He first popped the question in 2008, before proposing again in 2010 following allegations he had cheated with hairdresser Aimee Walton.