Cheryl Cole insists she's not singing about ex-husband Ashley Cole in one of her new songs.

The 'Call My Name' hitmaker split from the soccer player in 2010 amid claims he had cheated on her with several women and despite the way they broke up, Cheryl says she would never sing about her feelings for him in a song.

Responding to claims album track 'Screw You' - which features lyrics such as ''I don't want you no more, I loved you so much but you never gave a *f**k'' - is about Ashley, Cheryl said: ''I didn't have him in mind. But I can see how it is interpreted that way, of course.''

When asked by Capital FM hosts LISA SNOWDON and Dave Berry how she would feel if Ashley ever recorded a similar song, the 28-year-old beauty replied: ''It would be pretty bad as he is tone deaf - he can't hit a note!''

Despite their split, Cheryl has previously said she will always love Ashley and wants to remain friends with him.

She said: ''Once we get over this obstacle, I hope we can be friends again. A part of me will always love Ashley.

''Looking back on it, I feel numb. We had a great marriage and a fantastic wedding day but I don't know where it went wrong.'