Cheryl Cole had such a bad hangover this morning (07.10.11) she didn't recognise herself in the mirror.

The 'Parachute' singer has recently been in New York recording for her third solo album with producer Alex Da Kid - where she reportedly worked into the "very early hours" of the morning after a flush of creative energy - and after returning to England went for a boozy night out yesterday (06.10.11), but she was paying the price when she woke up.

In a series of tweets this morning she wrote: "Why why why why why why why why why . I just walked past the mirror and caught a glimpse of someone. I have no idea who she is . That's it. Me and alcohol are not friends. (sic)"

Her manager Black Eyed Peas frontman then wrote asking her "what happened?," and she replied: "Too many bubbles." An apparent reference to drinking champagne.

Her Girls Aloud bandmate Nicola Roberts also tweeted her to remind her she is due at her birthday party celebrations this weekend, writing: "Girlfriend you better backtrack. Me you and Martini have a date on Saturday night! BIRTHDAY PARRRRRTTTTYYYYY TIME! (sic)"

To which Cheryl - who calls her fans Cheryl's Soldiers - promptly responded: "Don't worry chick I have 2 days r&r and "I'll be back" *arnie voice* ..!! I'm a soldier did you not know. :D (sic)"

Perhaps to get over her hangover Cheryl will indulge in a spot of baking, as her trademark banana loaf comes highly recommended by another of her bandmates Kimberly Walsh.

Kimberly told Fabulous magazine: "We absolutely love baking. Cheryl does the best banana loaf and I am the scone queen."