Cheryl Cole is a ''hopeless romantic''.

The Girls Aloud singer is dating backing dancer Tre Holloway, and doesn't mind if he doesn't buy expensive gifts for her, as it is the thought that counts.

She said: ''For me romance is literally thought. It doesn't matter what the gesture is, whether it's a very luxurious piece of jewellery or clothing, or whether somebody has just thought about making you a card or running you a bath and lighting you some candles.

''It's the thought that I find to be romantic. And I'm a hopeless romantic, so anyone who thinks like that is on good stead.''

Cheryl's band mates - Nadine Coyle, Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts and Kimberly Walsh - also weighed in with some of their most romantic experiences.

Speaking in a video for their tour sponsors, Pandora, Nadine said: ''The most romantic Valentine's Day that I've had in a while was when me and a boyfriend were on an airplane and the hostesses saw we were a couple so literally set out a table for us, poured us champagne and created a Valentine's Day dinner 30,000 feet high.''

Kimberley said her partner, Justin Scott, went to great lengths to present a romantic trip to Italy to her.

She explained: ''There was one time he took me to Venice. He surprised me by giving me a jigsaw and I had to build - it was a beautiful picture of Venice.''

Nicola's most romantic gift were two puppies, a gesture which made her ''whole heart melt on the floor''.

Sarah was also impressed by a boyfriend who put a great deal of thought rather than money into a romantic meal for her.

She said: ''One ex made me oysters which I love, laid the table with candles, flowers, a card and made an effort. It was what any woman would expect from a good boyfriend.''