Cheryl Cole thinks she could never be like Rihanna.

The 28-year-old pop star confessed she wouldn't be able to be as blunt as the outspoken 24-year-old 'Where Have You Been?' singer.

She told Attitude: ''Rihanna is a free spirit and doesn't care if she calls somebody a **** on her Twitter. But there are 12-year-old girls on there.

Cheryl, whose parents separated when she was 11, insisted that she prefers to be nice to people and set a good Example to youngsters.

She added: ''I didn't grow up with a role model so it's nice to be somebody's guide.''

She also revealed she will never speak about how and why she was fired from 'The X Factor' USA last year.

She said: ''That show can drive anybody mental. I haven't said anything about 'X Factor' USA from that day to this.

''Why? Boring. It's year-old news. I've made a whole new album since then.''

Also in the interview with the gay magazine, out tomorrow (29.05.12) she claimed she is now so famous that simple things like going to the supermarket are just impossible.

She giggled: ''I shop online. Do you want us to try the grocer's? If I could go to the supermarket the first aisle I'd go to would be the pampering section, the smellies, the nice smelling stuff.''