Cheryl Cole always gets nervous before walking the red carpet.

The 'Fight for this Love' singer finds the glare of the flashbulbs and the scrutiny of her fashion choices when she attends glitzy parties daunting, but has a number of rules for dealing with it.

She said: "I always get nervous before walking red carpets. It's amazing to do the girlie thing and to have your hair and make-up done, but it's also really stressful sometimes too.

"The most important thing is to make sure you're covered from all angles. You must remember it's 360-degree angles those photographers get. When you're out with your friends, and someone takes a picture, you can be like, 'take another one'.

"You don't get that luxury on the red carpet. That's it, done. If you get out there and have a problem, you've had it!"

The star also said she loves to wear "Big Hair and lots of eyeliner" when she appears at big showbiz events, and that having comfort in her clothes is also of prime importance.

Cheryl added in an interview with OK! magazine: "You have to enjoy the moment, and I'd say the worst thing is if you're uncomfortable in what you're wearing."