Cheryl Cole finds Lady GaGa "fascinating".

The 'Promise This' hitmaker admires the "extreme" style of the pop superstar - who once infamously donned a dress made entirely of meat - and wishes she could be as "brave and bold" as the 25-year-old singer.

Cheryl said: "I think Lady Gaga has taken it to the extreme and nobody had dared to go there before. I think she's fascinating.

"I mean, I'm not as brave or as bold as to do some of the things she does myself, but I admire her a lot."

The Girls Aloud singer also admitted while she would like to take her love of tattoos to the next level and get her back completely covered in inkings, she "wouldn't dare".

She added in an interview on UK TV show 'Lorraine': "I would like to, but I wouldn't dare. But I would like to - I like the idea of it."

Cheryl recently explained she finally feels "sexy" again after gaining seven pounds over the past two months.

She said: "I've got my curves back because I've had time off, I'm at home cooking, I'm more relaxed. I'm not defined by being seven pounds heavier than I was two months ago - I think it is really unhealthy to go there.

"The curves are back, well and truly. I've got my boobs and bum back and, yeah, I like it. I think it's sexy."