Cheryl Cole has debuted her controversial new single 'Screw You'.

The 28-year-old singer's new track - which features British rapper Wretch 32 - has already been the subject of speculation that it is about her ex-husband, England footballer Ashley Cole, but the brunette beauty has previously denied such claims.

Lyrics on 'Screw You' include, ''I don't want you no more, I loved you so much but you never gave a *f**k'', which prompted rumours it could be about Ashley - who she split from in 2010 - after claims he had cheated on her with several women.

Cheryl said: ''I didn't have him in mind. But I can see how it is interpreted that way, of course.''

Wretch is ''really happy'' to be involved with the song and he is looking forward to hearing what their fans' reaction will be.

He previously said: ''We've recorded a record that's very edgy, it's very cool. She smashes it and hopefully I've smashed it too but I can't say that as that would be big-headed of me.

''But yeah. It's a very nice record and I've heard some other bits from her album and it's sounding good. I'm looking forward to getting response from the fans.

''Cheryl Cole is a superstar, a legend, so I'm definitely really happy to be involved in the project. She's a cool girl.''