Cheryl Cole is reportedly dating her record producer.

The 28-year-old singer - who split from her soccer player ex-husband Ashley Cole last year - has become "inseparable" from Patrizio Pigliapoco and thinks he could be 'The One' after the pair spent a number of late nights recording in his studio in Los Angeles.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: "Cheryl and Patrizio have been together 24/7. They have really become inseparable.

"After a lot of near-misses when it comes to guys, Cheryl hopes this one could be the real thing."

The 21-year-old Los Angeles producer has been helping the 'Fight for This Love' hitmaker mastermind her chart assault on the US and has been working with her on her third solo LP, and although they aren't in the studio at the moment Cheryl "can't wait to see him again".

A source added: "They have loved their late night sessions in the studio, just the two of them.

"They've rarely been apart and have genuinely fallen for each other. Cheryl really adores Patrizio - she loves his carefree attitude to working and to life, and can't wait to see him again."

Patrizio has previously admitted he thinks the brunette beauty is "gorgeous" and "really funny", and she has been teaching him British swear words while they work together.

He said: "When I met her I thought, 'Oh my God, she's gorgeous!' I think she's great.

"She's got swag, that's the word here. I wish I could ask her out on a date - but she'd tell me no. She's out of my league.

"She's really funny. She was talking about w*****s and we didn't know what it meant.

"She was laughing. The funniest thing was trying to get her to go into detail, because she was trying to be ladylike. Then we got it!"