"If you think my live vocal sounds so good it must be mimed, I'm happy. I take it as a compliment," these were the thoughts of Cheryl Cole as she sat down an interview with the Bbc in which she deals dismissively with comments made by both Louis Walsh and Cher Lloyd in separate spats about her ability to sing live.
Cole made her television comeback on 'The Voice' in the UK at the weekend, a performance that largely seemed to go down well, and the star is looking towards her new album 'A Million Lights,' commenting "It's been a long time coming, but I think it's the best work I've done." However Cole only appears on the song writing credits for two of the 11 tracks, something she attempted to justify by saying "Every record I've made, there are songs I've written that I haven't put out because... well, I don't want to. I write for my own pleasure sometimes."
Comparing the year-long recording process to the one she undertook with Girls Aloud, Cole explained "With Girls Aloud, Brian [Higgins, producer] had a very unique way of recording. We'd all just be hanging out in a lounge while another girl went out to record six, seven songs. Then the next girl... and the next girl. Then he'd go through every vocal and choose which one sat best in every part of the song. We wouldn't know how it was going to sound until he delivered it - which was actually quite fun."