British pop star Cheryl Cole has shot down reports she's planning to set up home with her dancer boyfriend in Los Angeles.

The Girls Aloud beauty recently embarked on a romance with her backing dancer Tre Holloway, and rumours surfaced this week (begs12Nov12) suggesting the singer is set to purchase a four bedroom beachfront home in California for $6.4 million (£4 million).

A source told the U.K.'s Heat magazine, "They've been talking about renting a property together in L.A., as Tre's studio apartment is nowhere near big enough for the two of them.

Then, shortly before their recent trip to L.A., Cheryl suggested they just buy a place instead of wasting money on rental.

"They both agreed it was very soon, but, at the same time, they're crazy about each other... They are being sensible, though, and Cheryl said she would buy the property and Tre could contribute to the mortgage for the first couple of years, so it would technically be hers. She has her lawyers involved drawing up the contracts."

However, Cole has been quick to blast the claims and has taken to her blog to debunk the allegations.

Sharing a link to the story, Cole writes, "Off is the direction I would like you to F**k !!!! lies".