British pop star Cheryl Cole has launched a furious online rant against a journalist over an article which alleged fame has wrecked the singer's life.

The former Girls Aloud star took a group of friends to Las Vegas for her 30th birthday party last month (Jun13), and she is enraged over a column published in U.K. newspaper the Daily Mirror on Friday (05Jul13) branding the trip "depressing".

The article also alleged the singer would be better off if she had never found fame and blamed stardom for her failed marriage to England soccer ace Ashley Cole and her brush with death after contracting malaria in 2010.

Cole has now hit back at the publication and its journalist Polly Hudson, insisting the piece was "inaccurate and misinformed".

In an online message aimed at Hudson, she writes, "Meow... Who exactly was my party depressing for? Yourself? Sitting behind your little computer watching Instagram... Aww!! Well I really don't know where to start with this one I have to say! Cat's got my tongue (no pun intended).

"I am actually dumbfounded reading your nasty bitter horrible incredibly inaccurate and misinformed article! Is this what you have been resorted to (sic)??! I feel bad for you. You literally have no correct detail other than the 4 or 5 people you were able to identify from the Instagram pictures!... It's embarrassing.

"I have no idea why or where your nastiness has suddenly come from as you have only ever kissed my a**e to my face... I won't bother myself with handing you any correct information or facts as I feel that is a part of your job you seriously need to work on... Good luck with that."