Cheryl Cole has light-heartedly blamed Will.I.AM for their recent car accident insisting that the singer's persistent talking was the cause of the collision.
She arrived in London today (August 31st 2012) just two days after the crash looking nothing short of relaxed and happy to be out promoting her new single 'Under the Sun' albeit with her left arm in a sling. She was interviewed by Capital Breakfast's LISA SNOWDON who asked her if the Black Eyed Peas star was a bad driver. ''That bad a talker, I would say', Cheryl replied. 'He was talking the face off us... He was talking about NASA and Mars and his song". The accident occurred in the early hours of morning when gave the Girls Aloud singer a lift in his Cadillac after they left a recording studio in LA together with the intention of picking up food at a nearby MCDonald's. He crashed the vehicle into a parked car causing Cheryl to hit her head on the dashboard when the passenger seat airbag failed to open. Both emerged from the car shaken and with bleeding noses and were sent to Cedars-Sinai hospital to be treated for their minor injuries, emerging later with neck braces.
Cheryl insisted in a Radio 1 interview with Fearne Cotton that she was 'absolutely fine' but 'exhausted'. Following the incident, Tweeted: 'Car accidents are not dope. I'm glad I'm OK' later adding: '[Cheryl] and I are fine. Just a little wiplash.'