Cheryl Cole's former husband has never apologised for cheating on her.

The 'Under The Sun' singer was devastated when Ashley Cole's numerous infidelities were revealed but although the pair have remained cordial, Cheryl revealed he never said sorry for ruining their marriage.

Speaking on Alan Carr's 'Chattyman' show, she said: ''He never apologised. That would have meant for him that he was wrong and justified me leaving the marriage.''

Cheryl opened up about ''sadness, physical pain, sickness and fury like I'd never experienced'' in her autobiography 'Cheryl: My Story' and revealed her furious rant at Ashley where she shouted ''I hope she's worth it. It's the end of your marriage. It's f****d.''

The singer - who divorced the England soccer player in 2010 - previously revealed she warned him to leave the UK when her autobiography comes out.

She said: ''(I ran some chapters past him) to give him a heads up.''

When asked if Ashley wanted any alterations, Cheryl replied: ''It wouldn't have mattered if he did, to be quite honest.

''I just thought it would be nice that I gave him the heads up so he can leave the country two weeks before.''