Cheryl Cole eats everything ''in moderation''.

Despite insisting she never diets, the 'Call My Name' singer admits she cuts out carbohydrates in the days before a big red carpet appearance so she can look as trim as possible.

Cheryl told the Daily Express newspaper: ''I don't diet but I do watch what I eat and I exercise. I wouldn't choose to eat anything heavy such as rice or pasta a few days before I walk a red carpet. Everything in moderation.''

The brunette - who follows fitness guru-to-the-stars Tracy Anderson's workout method - revealed she doesn't have a signature style, but will always add a feminine touch to her outfits.

Quizzed about her go-to look, Cheryl said: ''I think it varies. I like girly stuff and I'm naturally drawn to pink things, but on a day off I love to wear harem pants and Marc Jacobs trainers with a slouchy top. I love leather trousers with a blouse, too.''

The striking star favours ultra-wearable and elegant designers, listing Victoria Beckham dresses as some of her wardrobe staples.

She said: ''Victoria Beckham, Alexander Wang, Zuhair Murad, Stéphane Rolland... the list goes on!''

The 29-year-old singer also likes to unwind after a tough day by getting relaxing massages and beauty treatments.

Cheryl added: ''I recently started to have massages and enjoy them, even though I used to hate them.''