Cheryl Cole found herself nursing injuries after being involved in a car crash whilst in the passenger seat of her good friend Will.I.AM's car. In what could have potentially been truly shocking scenes, Cole was left bloody and bruised after the incident which took place in the early hours across in Los Angeles.
The crash seems somewhat odd given that, according to The Sun, the Cadillac that Will.I.Am was driving apparently crashed into a parked car, meaning that surely the star had lost control of his vehicle. The report states that a mechanism on the driver's side of the car meant that an airbag deflated and impacted on the rapper's face, giving him a bloody nose. For Cole however there seemed to be no such device, and if there was then it hadn't worked properly because she came out with blood pouring out of her nose and over her lips, having clearly smashed her head against the dashboard. Clutching her face and in tears, she was treated at the scene.
Police turned up at the scene before Will.I.Am was taken to a nearby hospital for a full check-up. He was later seen wearing a neck brace with blood stains on his jeans. Cole is apparently out in Los Angeles rehearsing for her forthcoming UK tour, hopefully this won't be too much of a set back.