Cheryl Burke has been confirmed as the face of Angels Forever Young Jeans.

The 32-year-old American dancer is set to star in the upcoming Autumn/Winter 2016 campaign to represent the denim brand, which was founded in 1997, and it has been revealed Cheryl was hand picked to front the commercials for the company because of her ''youthful vibe''.

Speaking to WWD about the new collaboration the president of The Mamiye Group, Nathan C. Mamiye, said: ''Her [Cheryl] youthful vibe and energy resonates with our target consumer, and her accomplishments speak volumes.''

And it is believe the 'Dancing With the Stars' champion's health conscious lifestyle and positive attitude made the company's decision to choose their ambassador much easier.

Nathan explained: ''While known for her extraordinary dancing, the message she sends about self-esteem and healthy body image is the reason we chose Cheryl. The brand is for women who want to look great being who they are at any age, and Cheryl portrays our message flawlessly.''

And Cheryl - who launched her own athleisure line CeeBee in 2015 -has admitted she is pleased to collaborate with the long standing company, and has admitted feeling confident and comfortable in your garments is essential for her and other women alike to boost their ''self-worth''.

Speaking previously about her specific criteria when looking for statement pieces to complete her wardrobe, the brunette beauty said: ''We are young from the inside out and age doesn't really matter. What matters is how you feel, your self-worth, your confidence and, of course, feeling good in what you wear. Angels are for women who want to be confident while not sacrificing comfort.''