Jeffrey ArCher will be seeing a new side of the court when he takes part in a new television project.

The disgraced former politician was convicted and imprisoned for perjury in 2000 but in The Verdict programme he will learn what it is like to sit on the jury.

Archer will be joined by the actresses Honor Blackman, Jennifer Ellison and Patsy Palmer, while musicians Alex James from Blur and So Solid Crew's MegaMan are also taking part.

Former footballer Stan Collymore, Chris Tarrant's estranged wife Ingrid and former Conservative politician Michael Portillo will also be sitting on the jury.

Making up the remainder of the diverse group of 12 are Jacqueline Gold (head of Ann Summers), Dominic McVey (Millionaire teen entrepreneur) and Sara Payne (mother campaigning for Sarah's law).

A real judge and barristers will take part in the four-day fictitious trial for the BBC2 programme.

Roly Keating, controller of BBC2, said: "It will be fascinating to follow the twists and turns of the case, see the dynamics and power struggles within the jury [and] learn about the jury system with its inherent flaws and strengths."

12/12/2006 17:15:01