A man was arrested at Cher's house on Thursday (27.09.18).

The 72-year-old singer was not at the abode in Malibu when Ventura County detectives visited the property to speak to a 23-year-old man - who is reportedly the son of her assistant - in relation to a recent drug overdose in Thousand Oaks, California.

Sgt. Eric Buschow confirmed to People magazine: ''The target of the search warrant is Donovan Ruiz. His arrest is related to a narcotics overdose that occurred within the last two weeks.''

The officer stressed that Cher had nothing to do with the incident, which involved multiple patrol cars, fire trucks and ambulances.

Garo Kuredjian, a captain with the Ventura County Sheriff's Office, told the publication that investigators believed the man had supplied narcotics to the victim, who overdosed in September.

Police are still serving the search warrant at the property and Ruiz has been taken into custody.

The 'If I Could Turn Back Time' hitmaker is currently on the Australian leg of her world tour.

The 'Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again' star recently admitted she loves to be ''grubby'' and shed her glamorous image when she's at home.

She said: ''It's not a difference in exactly who I am, but it's a heightened reality. You know, you can't go around being glamorous Cher all the time.

''I go around just in my sweatpants. I don't go around in makeup, I have my hair in a ponytail -- I like my off time.

''I like not being glamorous. I like just being grubby.''

And Cher doesn't ''care'' if people laugh at her for wearing her clothes many times.

She said: ''I go around at home like I'm just raggedy. Clean, but slobby. I've got shirts - my favourite shirt is 30 years old. As a matter of fact, people have pictures chronicling this shirt for a million years, and I don't care, and I don't care how many times I wear it. One of the things I really hate and just p**ses me off is: Because everything is disposable ... Once I wear this, I'll never be able to wear it again. But that's dumb. I don't want to play that; that's a young girl's game.''