Cher had to embark on a monster tour after leaving ex-husband Sonny Bono - because a judge forced her to pay him $2 million (GBP1 million).
Her decision to end her partnership and marriage with Bono in 1975 cost the pair a fortune in lost contracts, and Cher was obliged to compensate her ex-husband.
But she stuck to her decision, and preferred to work off her debt, than stick in a loveless marriage.
Speaking during an Oprah Winfrey Show special, which aired on Thursday (8May08), Cher says, "Sonny and I had all these contracts, that amounted to $6 or 7 million. The judge said if you pull out, you have to pay him the amount he would have earned.
"I owed him $2 million. It was hard for me. I just kept working. I stayed on the road until it was paid off."