After Cher warned her son ELIJAH he'd have to give up his wild partying and clean up his act, he took it to an extreme - by becoming a Hare Krishna.

According to American tabloid the STAR, Cher told her 26-year-old son she was fed up with his antics, eventually kicking him out of her Malibu, California, home.

A friend says, "Cher threw Elijah out in May (03) because he wouldn't stop partying and bringing home vagrants."

Pals tell the publication that Elijah moved into a tiny one bedroom apartment in Los Angeles' Culver City close to the INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR KRISHNA CONSCIOUSNESS, where he eats two free meals a day and chants constantly.

But there's one area of his life Elijah has reportedly opted against ditching - sex with his 18-year-old girlfriend JEN.

The friend explains, "It's sort of like Elijah wants it all. He wants to be Hare Krishna, but he's not ready to give up everything - especially sex.

"Cher's not thrilled with the idea that Elijah's become a Hare Krishna, but on the other hand, she's supportive of anything that seems to help him get his life together. In fact, Elijah calls his mom almost every day. She's still very much involved in his daily affairs."

03/07/2003 09:16